About FocusCura

There's more to care

FocusCura helps people stay independent for longer and to remain in control. We do that by developing healthcare innovations in two areas: "Virtual Homecare" and "Hospital to Home". Smart products and services, so that people can continue to receive the care that they need.

Cold technology for warm care

As the Dutch market leader in the field of home health-care innovation, we try to bridge the gap between "cold technology" and "warm care" every day. We realize we cannot do this alone. We do this together with you, with health-care professionals, and with your loved ones. Because innovation in health-care is more than just using smart technology: there's more to care.

FocusCura is the Dutch market leader in the field of home health care innovations

users take advantage of our health care innovations
years of experience in the Netherlands and abroad
home health care organizations and hospitals

Living in your own home for as long as possible

Because you can call for help with the push of a button, at home or on the go.
Because you can decide who enters your house and when.
Because you will never forget to take your medication.
Because you can measure your vital signs and your health-care provider can monitor them remotely.
Because you are in constant contact with your health-care provider.

Our dream and the dream of our founder Daan Dohmen is that you can live in your own home for as long as possible, safe and worry-free.