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FocusCura develops smart innovations that improve health care. These health care innovations help vulnerable people live happy and independent lives for as long as possible. We collaborate with health care organizations to ensure that our innovations are available to everyone who needs them. Will you join us?

About Us

FocusCura was founded in 2003 by Dr. Daan Dohmen. As a nursing home assistant, he was moved by the dependency and loneliness he saw. His dream was to use modern technology to make friendly and affordable health care available to everyone. With an international team of more than 120 people, we are now making that dream a reality.

More than 150 organizations in the Netherlands and abroad use our innovative products to provide better health care services. We help them by implementing digital care processes and working together in a partnership. As a result, everyone can focus on what they're good at: FocusCura on technology and service provision, and health care organizations on patient care. Thanks to this approach, more than 130,000 clients and patients use our innovations on a daily basis.

FocusCura started as a consultancy firm that helped various health care organizations implement technological innovations. This gave us valuable insights into the health care sector.

But we wanted to take a more proactive approach. FocusCura has since developed into a market leader in the field of health care innovations. We pursued our ambitions and developed several innovative products in five categories: home monitoring, video care, medication support, home access, and health alarms.

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FocusCura is the Dutch market leader in the field of home health care innovations

users take advantage of our health care innovations
years of experience in the Netherlands and abroad
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Part of the Health Care Process

Our products in the fields of automation, e-health, and telemedicine were designed to become an integral part of the health care process. They offer real solutions to the daily problems facing health care providers and clients.

Our innovations can also be linked to existing health care systems and patient files in the Netherlands and abroad. This ensures user friendliness and allows us to implement health care innovations on a broad scale.

Certified innovation

FocusCura has won several awards for its health care innovations in recent years. We've made the list of fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands eight years in a row. In 2010, founder Daan Dohmen won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, and in 2011, the FD Gazellen Awards voted FocusCura as the most innovative company in the Netherlands.

FocusCura currently operates in several European countries and works in close collaboration with internationally renowned companies. We became the first Apple Mobility Partner after Apple referred to us as a pioneer in health care innovation in its iBook on health care.

Certified innovation

  • Apple Mobility Partner

Cold ICT Brings About Warm Health Care

We believe that the only way to approach health care is to take on challenges together. Successful innovation calls for attention and respect for all parties involved. Only then can technology add value to health care.

This means attention for all aspects that make innovation possible: for the lives of vulnerable people, for the work of health care professionals, and for the processes of health care organizations. Respect for the human dimension is important, as warm care is all about reassuring people that someone will be there for them when they need it.

This vision requires an understanding of both health care and technology. It also calls for the courage to work together in partnerships that transcend existing structures to create a bright future for health care.

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