cContact Telemedicine

Care communication made easy

Less travel time means more time for health care. It also means more direct contact between health care providers and patients, which leaves extra time to check a stoma, to check the use of an insulin pen, or to chat about the day. With cContact, you can use telemonitoring with a secure video connection to improve health care communication.

Care and support at the right time

Anytime and anywhere

Less travel time

Financial and cost savings of 30-60%

Secure video connection

Information security according to current standards

More efficient collaboration

Through telemonitoring in the care chain

More frequent contact

Between health care provider and patient

Convenient dashboard

For easy management

Smart telemonitoring with a secure connection

The cContact app has a smart address book that patients and health care providers can use for telemonitoring purposes. This form of contact uses a secure connection that meets the information security standards in the field of health care.

Instant video contact thanks to smart address book

Secure video connection according to information security standards

Convenient dashboard for easy management

cContact has a convenient dashboard that health care organizations can use to easily add clients and link them to care teams. Clients can use the cContact app to invite family and friends. You can also integrate other services with cContact, such as links to a health care coordination center, the FocusCura customer service department, or your own services.

Contact management via your computer's internet browser

Clients can add friends and family

Better quality of life, considerably lower costs

Initial research results have shown that cContact can generate financial and time savings of 30-60%. More importantly, good remote care can help health care providers improve the quality of life for clients and patients.

Better quality of life, considerably lower costs

Convenient dashboard for health care providers

More than 85,000 video care calls per month

of users feel safer because of cContact
of users would recommend cContact to others
is the average age of cContact clients

They use cContact on a daily basis for remote healthcare

User Experiences

Harry Robberts
Harry Robberts
Portfolio manager Fundis

‘Vierstroom and FocusCura have already realised many wonderful healthcare innovations (cContact, cMed, cAlarm and cKey). At Vierstroom our aim is to allow clients to live at home as long as possible. With their knowledge and expertise, FocusCura allows us to actually make this happen for our clients. cContact, for instance, allows many clients to get by much better without someone having to come round all the time. By offering this option clients can remain in charge of their own lives.’

Mieke Franssen
Mieke Franssen
President MeanderGroep Zuid Limburg

‘Especially clients that are living at home look forward to technological solutions in the care industry, enabling them to live independently at home, for a longer period of time (for example solutions such as FocusCura's cContact). Technology in the care industry is not a means, but a goal to make (and keep) qualitative care accessible and affordable. Technology also relieves carers. Clients that have experienced technology in the care industry are delighted!'

Marielle Roelofs
Mariëlle Roelofs
healtcare provider at Siza

"The client wanted to go to the hospital, because he thought something was wrong. He asked us for advice and at one point we had a three-way conversation with the doctor, the client and the healthcare provider. That was great, being able to discuss how and what right away, and we weren't there."

Details and extra options

Works on all devices

iOS app for iPad and iPhone, and web app for computers

Multiple languages

Available in Dutch, English, Swedish, and Danish

Help with installation

By FocusCura technician

Administrator dashboard

Back office environment works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome

Help with implementation

Support from our health care futurists

Personal profile

Address book with profiles

Integrate services

Health care coordination center/service desk/Medical Service Center, (UMO link) in-house services or FocusCura customer service

ERM link

Integration with existing systems

Can be combined with other FocusCura apps

For optimum remote care

Time registration

Via export function

Integration with FaceTime

For video connection technology