Centralized key management with the cKey app

cKey Central

Key management for home care through one central access solution

These days, it's common for various organizations to require access to apartment buildings. Of course, it's impossible to give each health care professional or caregiver their own key safe at the main entrance. A shared key safe is also far from ideal, given how hard it would be to keep track of who has the code. cKey Central offers a great alternative. All authorized users can open the main door with a smartphone app. This app keeps track of who has entered the building and when. It's the ideal key management system for home health care. 

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Key management via app

cKey Central is an electronic door opener equipped with Bluetooth technology, which allows users to open the exterior door with an app. Home care nurses and other health care professionals can use this app to enter a building or home with the push of a button. The residents themselves, however, can continue to enter their main door with their own key. 

Quick and safe access solution for home care

Not visible from outside

The app works on all Android, iOS, and Windows devices

cKey Door: Safe Access to Apartments

In addition to accessing the main building, health care professionals must be able to access their clients' apartments as well. This is why cKey Central is often combined with cKey Door. The method is identical, but it is geard to individual apartments.

Access to individual apartments

Client determines who has access and when

Registration and authorization via the management platform

cKey Door is registered on a specially-developed management platform. This allows both clients and health care organizations to see which employees have entered the building and when. The management platform can also be used to grant and modify authorizations. 

Authorization: Who can access the building and when

Registration: Who has entered the building and when

Management information: Improving insights for health care organizations

User Experiences

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bij Viattence

‘FocusCura's solutions help our clients and care employees to strive to enable our clients to live at home, for as long as possible. Even when the caring becomes more difficult. That way the client stays in control and he or she receives the desired care and support, at home. CAlarm and responsible access for the carers to the residences in the neighborhood are an important condition for which FocusCura offers adequate solutions.’

Eshter Jacobs
Healthcare Innovation Project Manager at ZZG zorggroep

'Thanks to the access solution of FocusCura, our health care professionals no longer have to pick up keys, carry keys with them, or return them. It's much more efficient!'

Esther Bosma
health care team leader at PartiCura

"PartiCura started with home access with FocusCura. Given that we're a relatively small organization, costs were a major challenge. FocusCura put us in touch with another health care organization that had several secure key safes left over. This partnership allowed us to offer our clients a safe solution at a relatively low cost."

cKey Door specifications


Burglary resistant in accordance with European standards


Alarm response in combination with cKey operational immediately upon installation

Suitable for all door types

Rim locks, mortise locks, cylinder locks

Help with implementation

Project plan, target group selections, and training


An experienced FocusCura installer will install system and explain how to use it


Service desk for clients and caregivers

cKey app

Available for Android, iOS, and Windows devices


Can be connected with ECD or time registration

Caregiver opening the door with the cKey app

Discover the key to simple and secure home access