cVitals Telemonitoring

Keep an eye on vital signs

Patients' conditions can be monitored more intensely, while they need fewer hospital visits. Individual patients can be provided with the care they need at just the right time. cVitals improves the quality of care by making it available anytime and anywhere.

Care and support at the right time

24/7 remote monitoring

Bluetooth measuring devices

And validated questionnaires

Safe and reliable

CE-certified Medical Device

Integration with HIS, ZIS, or health care coordination center

Integration with existing systems

Convenient dashboard

For health care providers

Instant notification

When values deviate from the norm

Vital sign monitoring via an app

Hospital visits are as stressful as they are time-consuming. With cVitals, patients can monitor their vitals in their familiar home environment. This reduces the number of unnecessary hospital visits and generates more measurement results.

Fewer unnecessary hospital visits

Better insight thanks to higher measurement frequency

The ability to send reliable measurements from home

Patients can perform measurements at home using connected or manual measuring devices to monitor blood pressure, heart rate, weight, and glucose levels. Patients can also complete validated questionnaires. The cVitals app forwards all relevant information to the health care provider or health care coordination center.

Telemonitoring for patients with heart failure, hypertension or COPD

Bluetooth measurement devices and validated questionnaires

Telemonitoring in your organization

As a health care provider, you can take advantage of more measurements and fewer visits. A convenient dashboard gives you an overview of all patient data. This allows you to offer patients the individual care they need, when they need it. If a measurement falls above or below a set threshold value, you will receive an alert so you can intervene in the event of an emergency.

Convenient dashboard for health care providers

Instant notification when values deviate from the norm

More than 500,000 measurements sent and monitored

of patients find cVitals easy to use
of patients experience fewer symptoms
of healthcare providers believe cVitals improves care

These organizations use cVitals every day

User Experiences

Lucas van Rijn
Lucas van Rijn
heart failure nurse Slingeland Ziekenhuis

'cVitals for telemonitoring uses the latest technological developments, provides an individualized approach, encourages adherence to therapy, offers insight into the patient's lifestyle, and increases our knowledge about the disease. A solution located close to the patient while knowing that there is always the possibility of applying specialized knowledge immediately. Patients can remain at home and determine for themselves what is needed for integrating their disease into their lives. In my experience, I have seen a high degree of customer satisfaction.'

Tamara Rongen
Tamara Rongen
Cardiac nurse Maasziekenhuis Boxmeer

‘Now that patients can supply us with their data digitally by using the cVitals app, they are far more motivated to watch their lifestyle and we are better able to keep an eye on things, creating self-confidence.’

Ans Nederlof
Ans Nederlof
nurse at a Medical Service Center Sensire

'The Medical Service Center contributes to reducing the workload of the outpatient clinic. The use of cVitals means that patients see the nurses at the outpatient clinic only when medically necessary. We assist patients and thus assume much of the workload formerly assigned to the outpatient clinic.'

Mevrouw Luiten-Quist
Mevrouw Luiten-Quist
User HomeMonitoring

'By using cVitals, I don't have to go to the hospital as often and I feel safe.'

Details and extra options

On any device

cVitals is available for iPad, iPhone, and Windows and Android browsers

Export CSV files

Export reports and measurements


For example with hiX from Chipsoft and ASP from Promedico

Secure patient data storage

According to ISO27001

Help with implementation

Support from our health care futurists

Compatible with various Bluetooth measurement devices

Support with manual blood pressure, heart rate, weight, and glucose measurements

Help with installation and instruction

By FocusCura technician


cVitals has a CE marking for Medical Device Class I

For use with Apple Healthkit

To download and save measurements

Connected to UMO control room

Via our partner, Medical Service Center


For COPD (CCQ), heart failure and hypertension

Can be combined with other FocusCura apps

Such as cContact for optimum remote care