Cordaan and FocusCura introduce ‘Nursery@Home’

22 June 2017

Today, one of the largest home care organizations of the Netherlands, Cordaan, and healthcare innovation company FocusCura signed a partnership to introduce ‘Nursery@Home’. This is a new concept to help elderly stay independent at home as long as possible.

The new concept consists of a personal living-coach, a self-learning alarm algorithm, sensor based alarm system installed at home and apps on iPhone and iPad both for healthcare professionals and family members. ‘Nursery@Home’ provides preventive monitoring to reduce risks at home, the concept is particularly designed for vulnerable elderly people for example suffering from dementia.

In 2018 available for all elderly in Amsterdam

This revolutionary technology has been up and running for the first clients since earlier this year and this will be implemented for 150 clients over summer. After the evaluation period, it is the intention to make the new healthcare service available to all elderly in Amsterdam by 2018. The municipality of Amsterdam and health insurer Zilveren Kruis are taking part in making this possible.

Appropriate care for people with dementia

'In the Netherlands, over 75% of elderly who become vulnerable or get some form of dementia, live in their own home and want to stay there as long as possible' It is expected that only in Amsterdam, there will be over 10.000 elderly with some form of dementia or Alzheimers disease in the coming years. Cordaan wants to offer appropriate care for this growing group of clients, tells Ellen Maat, VP of Strategy, Quality and Innovation at Cordaan: “In the Netherlands, over 75% of elderly who become vulnerable or get some form of dementia, live in their own home and want to stay there as long as possible. It’s our duty to support these vulnerable people and make this possible.”

National roll-out through ‘open source’ movement

Cordaan and FocusCura want to make this innovative way of providing care available nationwide. Experience in embedding this service in the healthcare processes and related interventions will become through an ‘open source’ environment. Nursery homes or home care organizations can contribute to the development of interventions and learn from others. Various (inter-)national healthcare organizations have shown interest in becoming part of this movement.

Combines smart technology with human care

This new healthcare service is a combination of smart technology and warm, human care and consists of three elements. First, Cordaan introduced the ‘personal living coach’, an experienced nurse as the primary contact for all healthcare and well-being questions. The coach is supported by cAlarm Sense, the new, revolutionary sensor alarm system of FocusCura with self-learning algorithms to automatically detect risks and alarms. Finally, there are innovative apps for iPhone and iPad for care professionals, family and informal care givers. So, the complete care network is informed and collaborates to provide the best possible care.

Automated registration of Daily Living Patterns

“We install wireless sensors in the homes of our clients”, Maat explains. “Within 30 days, the cAlarm system will automatically learn someone’s regular daily lifestyle pattern on for example hours of sleep and number of bathroom visits. This data is continuously analyzed and the system detects deviations to the regular living pattern. In case of a detected risk, like a possible fall, wandering or signs of depression,the cAlarm system alerts the care network. If needed, a 24/7 medical care center will arrange immediate follow-up at home.”

Breakthrough information for personal living coach, family and other care givers

“The smart software also shows the daily lifestyle patterns in a dashboard to the personal living coach of the client, a new role which will be fulfilled by our experienced Alzheimer nurses”, shows Maat. “Through this information, our nurses get a far better idea of the situation in a clients’ home. The goal is to use this data to realize the best personal care that is needed, thanks to the apps also our district nurses, family members or informal care givers are involved. Taking care of vulnerable people with dementia is a joint effort of all.”

‘Virtual Nursery Home’

The project title ‘Nursery@Home’ refers to the function of the nursery homes we knew in the past, explains René Strijbosch, responsible for cAlarm at FocusCura: “We want to help as many elderly as possible to be able to stay at home safely and comfortably when they age. To them it means a lot that they know someone is looking over their shoulder and can help when needed. Clients say to be relieved from the need to bother their family and informal care all the time, whilst knowing that their loved ones are keeping an eye on them.”