cAlarm Personal Alarm

Alert care providers in case of an emergency

Clients can rest assured that help is just around the corner. Whether they live alone or they're on the go, help is available 24/7 at the press of a button. With cAlarm, vulnerable people can live at home for longer knowing that someone can get to them quickly in an emergency.

Living at home safely

Staying independent for longer

Personal alarm

For caregivers and health care coordination centers


One press of the button

24/7 monitoring

For acute or emergency situations

Pendant, wristband, or mobile alarm

Users have full control

Excellent operation

Proactive monitoring and support during system failures

Stationary version: Sounding the alarm with the press of a button

The stationary version of cAlarm allows clients to call for help during an emergency in or around the home. A caregiver (or a health care coordination center if professional follow-up has been requested) can be alerted at the press of a button on an alarm pendant or wristband. The system works without a telephone landline, which means it will not be affected by problems with the phone network. The product is monitored 24/7 so any problems can be addressed immediately.

Sounding the alarm with the press of a button

24/7 monitoring of devices and services

Mobile personal alarm or monitoring based on sensors

We offer a stationary and mobile version of cAlarm, as well as a total solution for automatic monitoring that uses at-home sensors. These sensors monitor the client's living habits and pick up on any relevant deviations. This system will send a notification during an emergency if the client is unable to call for help.

Mobile personal alarm for use outside the home

Complete monitoring solution for vulnerable clients

Better care, easy to use

CAlarm helps people live at home safely for longer, which means they can put off having to move to a convalescent home or nursing home. Our cAlarm solution is affordable and easy to apply in daily practice. We also offer a full-service personal alarm solution that includes a connection to the health care coordination center of your choice. 

Affordable solution for daily care

Complete outsourcing, from installation to follow-up

User Experiences

Ciska Koenjer
District nurse Zorggroep Raalte

FocusCura has recently equipped several Zorggroep Raalte (ZRG) locations with cAlarm and cKey. Our needs were closely assessed for each complex and the manner in which the products best met the methods of each type of health care were carefully determined. The solutions provided by FocusCura are going to be used in the district to allow our teams entry in the same way at every location

Sindy de Veen
Sindy de Veen
Account Manager at ViVa! Zorggroep

'FocusCura has been ViVa! Zorggroep’s cAlarm and cKey partner since 2009. Having both services provided by a single partner has significant benefits for us and our clients. It ensures that professional alarm response and the 24-hour care by ViVa! Zorggroep are operational immediately after a single installation.'

John Rietman
program lead Care at a Distance at Proteion Thuis

‘CAlarm and cContact enable us to provide care to our clients in their own, familiar environment, when they need it. That way, we can provide the care that is actually consistent with the patients' needs. FocusCura supports us to make both available to our clients and employees, in a safe and easy way.'

Details and extra options

Register clients online

Easily add new clients

Connected to health care coordination center

Choose from any health care coordination center in the Netherlands

Repair and support service

Immediate support seven days a week

Help with implementation

Support from our health care futurists

Help with installation

A FocusCura technician can install equipment and explain how to use it

Customer service

For questions from employees or clients

Travel safely outside of your home with cAlarm

Start using smart health care alarms today

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