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cMed Medication Support

Prevent problems with medication

More clients take their medication independently, and they take the right medication at the right time. More health care providers can monitor medication use remotely. cMed improves both medication intake and patient compliance. 

Digitizing your medication care

Facilitate patients and caregivers


When medication is forgotten

Support of care professionals and informal care

Automate and check risk medication

Automatic monitoring

Via internet portal and app

Medication per client up-to-date

Changes are daily processed

Costs fully covered

By health insurance company

Smart medication dispenser

cMed is a smart medication dispenser for medication rolls and is linked to an internet portal. The health care provider or pharmacist places the pre-packaged medication in the dispenser. The dispenser alerts the client when it's time to take the medication. A medication bag can be dispensed at the push of a button. 

Modern assistive tools to support all people involved in the medication process

From smart medication dispenser to efficient double check of risk medication

Remote medication support

If a client does not remove the medication from the dispenser on time, an automatic alert is sent to your organization or health care coordination center. This is done by text message, e-mail, or telephone through the linked internet portal. A reminder can also be set for other medication, such as an ointment or an inhaler. 

Remote medication monitoring

Alert via text message, e-mail, or care center

Many clients are now taking medication independently, whereas we used to have to visit them every day to administer their medication. This means we have more time to provide other forms of care.

Better schedules, greater capacity

cMed medication support helps simplify patient scheduling. An added advantage is that it frees up capacity for client care, because care professionals no longer have to administer medication on location. 

Less travel time, more time for care

Mobile support of homecare, pharmacist, care givers and clients themself

They use cMED medication support

User Experiences

Mirelle van Berlo
Mirelle van Berlo
community nurse Proteion

‘Healthcare innovations to support medication adherence provide a solution for increasing the independence of our clients. It is very user-friendly and simple to use. Clients often tell me that this health care solution increases their confidence in taking their own medications because we will always call them if no one responds to an alarm.’

Gijs Overbeek
Gijs Overbeek
project lead ZINN company

‘With FocusCura, we've innovated in terms of solutions in the techniques, but especially as a modern company. Thanks to FocusCura's experience, we were able to get started with new products (new for us). FocusCura participated actively during the implementation and all documentation was ready for us to look into. This was a very nice experience for us as a client and it provided a lot of confidence.'

Anouk, community nurse Evean
community nurse Evean

‘A major advantage is that it improves our clients' adherence to therapy while it greatly cuts down on our travel time. We notice that our clients take their medications at the right time, and this ensures that they stay healthier.'

Details and extra options

Reliable communication

With a health care provider


Clients can take medication along to an appointment


Efficient for health care professionals


Medication reminders

Connection with the pharmacy

Always reliable medication information

For all medicins

One clear overview


Available for iOS and Android

Active project support

Experienced project leaders to help with implementation

Optimum remote care

Can be combined with other FocusCura apps such as cContact

Health care innovations such as cMed helps people live at home independently

Start using remote medication support today

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